January 12, 2011

Holy crap! I have a blog!

Welcome to my Internet home.

For a writer of speculative fiction, I am quite the luddite. I drive a car that was built in 1967. I read books made out of paper. Every time my husband's Roomba starts cleaning my floor I get a little spooked, certain that the inevitable robot rebellion that will be the end of humankind is that much closer. To me, the blinking light on the top doesn't say, "CLEAN . . . CLEAN . . . CLEAN," it says "KILL . . . KILL . . . KILL."

But this "Internet" thing seems like it's here to stay. So here I am.


  1. YAY! First to comment. Sure wish I had something meaningful to say... oh well.

  2. It's never too late to go back! While you still can . . .