November 30, 2012

Cleaning out the trunk

Allow me a moment of indulgence: they are rare in a writer's life. More common are moments of crushing defeat, like Wednesday when the news that I hadn't won a contest that I had little chance of winning nevertheless hung like a raincloud over my mood.

Today, a sale. A sale that is part of a larger trend this year, in which all my oldest stories are finally finding loving homes. I don't want to break it by talking about it, but I do want to exclaim! Yay! It's so easy to feel down about writing, and it's so nice, for a change, to feel something like momentum building.

Like this, I hope.
At least that's what I hope: that this means I'm reaching a point in my career where sales come easier. Of course, I can only believe that by ignoring some of the salient facts. Like the fact that without exception the stories were written over a year ago, or that they visited an average of seventeen markets before landing on their feet. Or the fact that none of the sales are to markets paying pro rates.

But still, I am pleased. They're lovely semi-pro markets and I'm proud to appear in them. And even though I'm still slightly baffled by which stories sell and which don't, I'm hopeful that my current favorites will soon follow suit and find editors to love and publish them.