February 20, 2013

Pro Sale #2

Allow me a moment of own-horn tooting. I learned yesterday that "The Taking Tree," my answer to a horrifying book from my childhood, The Giving Tree, will be published by Daily Science Fiction.

This is me, saying, "Woot!"

I love all my publications, but this one pleases me more than most. For one thing, it's a market to which I've submitted many times in the past, and it feels nice to get some love after eleven "no"s. For another, it's a "pro" sale, only my second one. This sale also holds the land-speed record for sales, having only been to two markets.

It also surprises me, because while I rarely write flash fiction, both pro sales thus far have been flash: fiction under 1000 words. This makes me wonder if I'm doing something right with flash, or something wrong with longer fiction.

Along those lines, I think I'll go try to edit a 500-word story down to 250 for a flash contest. Why not?

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