April 16, 2013


Having recently written two stories about yard gnomes, I'm in danger of becoming The Gnome Writer. Thankfully, my birthday isn't until November, so hopefully my writing group will forget about it by then and I won't end up with a collection.

No, I really don't want a gnome collection,
even if I did buy this beer for the picture.

But at the risk of perpetuating my gnome-loving status, I must share this link with you (thanks to colleague Camille Griep for the link). Go to it now! It's an IKEA ad about garden gnome warfare!

And if that whets your appetite, go read my story in Clarkesworld, "Melt With You."

And now I must get back to writing, thankfully, not about gnomes. I will write gnome more forever!

April 04, 2013

New stories!

This week saw the release into the wild of two of my stories!

One is "Melt With You," a tale of religious war among apocalypse survivors reincarnated into the bodies of lawn decorations, which is in April's issue of Clarkesworld.

Yes, the Clarkesworld

The other is "Final Testament of a Weapons Engineer," which appears in the anthology After Death. There's a bomb in the garage. And Michael Williams's ghost needs to do something about it before it kills someone else. 

Anyway, it's in a book. With, like, pages! You can buy it from Amazon or Barnes & Noble.