November 22, 2013

A message from the Central Bureaucracy

This letter is to inform you that you're about to receive a letter. Or rather, it's a blog post about upcoming blog posts. You see, I have been neglecting this blog. I could give you excuses, but what am I, some kind of freshman? You don't care.

My favorite of these excuses is only valid for the past couple of weeks: I was traveling in the Yucatan and Cuba, with no internet. Sound interesting? You betcha. So I've decided to "live" blog my trip, with "live" meaning three weeks behind. We start next Wednesday! Grab your passport, check out the exchange rate, and come along with me, as we travel through space and time.

Warning: not to scale.

Oh, and remember how much fun I had with postcards last summer in Iceland and Norway? (Check out these links if you don't: Postcards from, Postcard Madness part II, More Postcards!, Postcards! Again!, Return to Sender?, two fishy love stories, What postcards have taught me, Family, and a poisonous corpse, and Things that will eat us) Well, postcards return! So stay tuned.

In other news, my story "The Red Sno-Cones Are Not for Sale" has been podcasted for Every Day Fiction by the lovely Folly Blaine. After, or before, you should listen to the manic horror that is the children's song I based that story on. There really was an ice cream truck that played it on endless loop through my neighborhood, and that song stuck in my head was worse than "Guantanamera." I'd give you a link, but I can't find one creepy enough.

Finally, an update on the Million Writers Award: my story really did time-travel! It can't be considered for the 2012 award, but it has been automatically added to the 2013 shortlist. So next year that'll be pretty awesome. Prepare to be pestered for votes.

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