January 02, 2014

This year in narcissism

It feels impossible not to mark each year with a roundup post. The compulsion is too strong! I cannot resist!

2013 saw the sale of four stories, two of which were solicited. That feels really nice, even if the markets soliciting my work aren't the highest paying or most prestigious. Those two haven't come out yet; I'll let you know when they do. The other sales were both to pro markets, Daily Science Fiction and Clarkesworld, and they make pro sales number two and three. This marker is semi-arbitrary but it still meant something to me to hit it. One more and I can officially give up on winning Writers of the Future.

About a year ago, thinking the intervening time would be less chaotic than it turned out to be (ha!), I applied to Taos Toolbox. So I went to that this summer, at what ended up being the worst possible time. I was unprepared and not in the right headspace to take advantage of the workshop, and my feelings on it are mixed. Other writing-related adventures included Norwescon and Rainforest Writers' Retreat. None are planned for this year yet, but I'll probably hit Norwescon again, and maybe another con. Who can say?

On the plus side: we did see a bear.

One of the unambiguous positives of Taos was going back to New Mexico. I wish I'd had more time to spend in Santa Fe, but it was a welcome reminder of the bizarre place I lived for a year. Other places visited this year include Alaska, my 42nd state, and Cuba, my 14th country. No big travel plans yet for this year, but I've got a few ideas kicking around.

Summer's chaos was caused by another big change: buying a house and moving into it. This year's project will be renovating the house, Cthulhu willing. Husband needs a garage, and we could both use a little more space.

And, the final piece of big news is that I start the new year with a new job, as the Managing Editor of the Norwegian American Weekly. Tomorrow is my first day, and I'm pretty excited about it. But instead of speculating now about what this will mean I'll just wait and see.